CNC Steel Bar Bending Machine
  • Max Bbending Angle: 180°
  • Processing Diameter(mm): 4-12
  • Total Power: 26kw
  • Dimension (mm): 4290*1500*2050
CNC Steel Bar Bending Machine

This large-scale CNC steel bar bending machine ZGW4-12C has three times efficiency compared with other general type , which integrates three functions of straightening, bending forming and shearing, and truly realizes the multi-purpose function of one machine. The machine uses two-line work to achieve efficient operation, one person can operate, eliminating 20 to 30 personal workers, improve production efficiency.

Max traction spee110m/min
Max bending speed1100°/s
Angle error±1°
Length error±1mm
Max bending angle180°
Curved central shaft diameterФ65
Dimension (mm)4290*1500*2050
Maximum production capacity2000/h
Total power(KW)26kw
Single line processing diameter(mm)4-12
Double line processing diameter(mm)4-10
The longest diagonal length of the stirrup1440mm
The shortest diagonal length of the stirrup150mm

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