Automatic Steel Bar Bending Hoop Machine
  • Max Bbending Angle: 180°
  • Single line processing diameter(mm):4-10
  • Double line processing diameter(mm): 4-8
  • Curved central shaft diameter (mm): Ф22
Automatic Steel Bar Bending Hoop Machine

1, The equipment is highly automated, and it can input hundreds of geometric processing graphics (or make graphics). Set the required processing dimensions arbitrarily, and you can choose any kinds of graphics.
2. Perfect combination of straightening, sizing, bending, hoop and cutting functions of steel bar, and truly realize the function of one machine with multiple functions.
3, the equipment needs only one person operation, the maximum capacity is 1800 hoop type / hour, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves labor costs.
4, double line work can achieve efficient operation and improve production efficiency.
5. Using servo control system, servo motor and servo driver all adopt international famous brand, high precision, low failure rate, realize all automatic and uninterrupted bending process.

Max traction speed90m/min
Max bending speed900°/s
Angle error±1°
Length error±1mm
Max bending angle180°
Curved central shaft diameterФ22
Dimension (mm)3660*1180*1920
Maximum production capacity2000/h
Total power(KW)19.5kw
Single line processing diameter(mm)4-10
Double line processing diameter(mm)4-8
The longest diagonal length of the stirrup1200mm
The shortest diagonal length of the stirrup150mm

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