Reinforcement hoop bender
  • Ub round steel(450Mpa): φ4-φ25
  • Grade II rebar: φ4-φ20mm
  • Total power: 3kw
  • Dimension (mm): 1150*730*840
Reinforcement hoop bender

  Reinforcement hoop bender GW25 is an engineering steel bar bending equipment manufacture,The equipment of reinforcing bar hoop bender is highly automated and can input hundreds of geometric processing graphics (or self-compile graphics) in advance. Servo control system is adopted, and high quality performance-price ratio is adopted for both motor and servo driver. High operation accuracy, low failure rate, automatic continuous bending processing.

  The equipment only needs one person to operate, and the production capacity reaches 1800 laps per hour, which greatly improves the efficiency and saves the labor cost. The bending hoop of the equipment can be automatically switched between manual and pedal mode

 Machine modelReinforcement hoop bender GW25
Diameter of Bending Reinforcement BarUb round steel≤ 450Mpa φ4-φ25mm
Grade II rebar φ4-φ20mm
Spindle speed30r/min
Host weight220kg
Specification of steel bar (mm)  φ6-φ8Bending number          8 roots
Specification of steel bar (mm)  φ10Bending number          6 roots
Specification of steel bar (mm) φ16-φ20mmBending number        2-3 roots
Specification of steel bar (mm) φ22-φ25mmBending number         1 root
Motor power3KW
Dimensions 1150*730*840mm

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