steel bar bender
  • Ub round steel(450Mpa): φ6-φ42
  • Grade II rebar: φ6-φ32mm
  • Total power: 3kw-4pole
  • Dimension (mm): 930*770*840
steel bar bender

  GW42D steel bender can replace working wheel, which is suitable for bending angle, flat and round steel. Manual and pedal mode can be used to switch automatically. Brake motor adopts adjustable square steel, plug-in positioning disc, which can automatically reset, angle adjustment is convenient, and bending angle is accurate.

  The moment distribution of the whole enclosed box of bending machine is reasonable, and there is no local deformation. Thickening and weight the box body to improve strength; Gear shaft and spindle are made of high quality carbon structural steel, and important parts are treated with high standard heat treatment, with long service life.

Machine modelSteel bending machine GW42D
Diameter of Bending Reinforcement BarUb round steel≤ 450Mpa φ6-φ42mm
Grade II rebar φ6-φ32mm
Spindle speedLow speed 7r/min high speed 10r/min
Host weight340kg
Workplate specificationsφ360mm
Motor power3KW-4pole
Dimensions  930*770*840mm

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