steel bar cutting machine
  • Common Carbon Steel: φ6-φ40
  • Grade II rebar: φ6-φ32mm
  • Total power: 3kw-2pole
  • Dimension (mm): 1250*500*730
steel bar cutting machine

Steel bar cutter, CNC steel bar cutter and automatic steel bar cutter are small in size, light in weight, compact and reliable in structure. They are suitable for all kinds of common carbon steel, hot rolled round steel and thread steel in reinforced concrete of construction engineering, Flat steel, square steel and angle steel can be cut off.

Closed box structure, good splash lubricity of gears, one refueling can exceed three months. Low resistance rolling bearing is used at the end of gear shaft. Compared with the same cut-off mode, the power under the same load can be reduced by one third and the function loss is smaller.

 Machine modelsteel bar cutting machine GQ40A
Diameter of Bending Reinforcement BarUb round steel≤ 450Mpa φ6-φ40mm
grade II rebar φ6-φ32mm
Maximum Specification of Cut-off Flat Steel70*15mm
Maximum Specification of Cut-off Square Stee32*32mm
Maximum Specification of Cut-off Angle Steel50*50mm
host weight400kg
Punching times 32 times / minute
motor power3KW-2pole
voltage 380V
dimensions 1250*500*730mm

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